The finished painting

Acrylic on canvas. 25 x 36 inches

This was my third and final painting for the Femme Fatale exhibition on December 4th. A bit of a departure in style for me, it’s quite light and pretty. What can I say, I guess I’m less angsty than I used to be. It turned out quite different from the original sketch, the orange background giving the completed piece a more vibrant and less ethereal feel. I went for orange for the background to complement the inner folds of the skirt, but when it was completed it needed something to tone it down and so I added the wallpaper pattern. So there you go!

The painting was sold at the exhibition, so I am just due to varnish it and then it is going to a very good home for xmas. You can of course, still buy prints!

A3 print £10; A2 print £30; Postcard £1.25. Including postage & packaging


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