And the art goes on: Boxpark exhibition

Deep in the jungle that is the East of London Town, lies trendy trendy Shoreditch. The native tribe is noted for its asymmetric haircuts, skinny jeans and love of Vietnamese street food. Visitors should be careful not to disturb their natural habitat, for they are a sensitive people, prone to rumination and blogging. they can be wary of newcomers, but if  you adopt their garb and cultural practices, you should be able to blend in and observe their ways without disturbance.

One of the cultural practices of this tribe is to show artwork at the outdoor exhibition space at the Boxpark mall; a kind of market place where the tribe meet to exchange shiny things for trinkets and garments. My Winter Girl illustration was one of those chosen for the Christmas exhibition which was on from 6 December 2012 to 4 January 2013. Having been thus honoured by the tribe, it was only right that I joined them at the launch of the exhibition with a traditional drink, a rum cocktail. How quaint are the ways of the tribe!

You can buy prints of Winter Girl here by the way…