All about me

Sonia Malik is a mostly self taught artist, who originally studied Law and then Forensic Psychology, before spending several years Psychologising (technical term) in the Prison Service. In the last few years, she has returned to her first love; art. Her paintings are usually acrylic on canvas, and are inspired by pop art, graphic novels and fashion photography. Her children’s illustrations are inspired by the many books she has read to her naughty nephews over the years, and more recently, her own little bundle of screaming joy. When not painting or drawing, she conducts social research on the experiences of children and young people with cancer for a charity. Sonia is passionate about Japanese food, science fiction, Lego, and being creative in some way every single day.

Influenced by pop art, graphic novels, and fashion photography among other things, her paintings cover a wide range of subjects, mostly taking the form of acrylic on canvas. She also takes commissions, which for some reason tend to mostly involve animals. The reason for this is unknown; people just really seem to like paintings of animals.

Sonia has just had her first children’s book The perfect cup of tea published by Fisherton Press.